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Netwerk Switch

Merk: Edimax Artikelnummer: GS1008PLV2 EAN-nummer: 4717964703736

Netwerk Switch

Nedis Number: GS-1008PL V2 Artikelcode fabrikant: GS-1008PL V2
EAN-nummer: 4717964703736
The GS-1008PL V2 features port-based VLAN where ports can be easily isolated from each other. This can help to prevent IP camera’s multicast or broadcast storms from affecting each other.

Supports 802.1p QoS via DIP switch port 4. This ensures first priority for video and voice traffic for reduced package loss, lower latency and jitter on the network.

Each port equipped with power backfeed protection to avoid damaging the PoE ports while the non-standard PSE (Power Sourcing Equipments) are connected.


Gigabit High Speed PoE+: Equipped with 8 Gigabit PoE+ ports, IEEE 802.3af/at PoE compliant, supports up to 30W per PoE port (total power budget: 70W) PoE Long Range Extension: Guaranteed PoE transmit distance to 200 meters at speed of 10Mbps Port-based VLAN: Port isolated from each other to prevent multicast or broadcast storms Hardware QoS: Easy DIP switch setup QoS, supports 802.1p, for video & voice traffic priority PoE Auto Detection: Auto detect PoE and non-PoE devices to avoid from being damaged by incorrect power sending Power Backfeed Protection: Equipped with power backfeed protection to avoid damaging the PoE ports Plug-and-Play, Flexible Network Deployment and Energy Efficient Fanless, Compact, Rack-Mount, Durable Metal Casing

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Aansluiting Bedraad
Type apparaat Switch
Ingang 1x RJ45
Aansluiting uitgang 8x RJ45
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